1. Galaxy Horizon Demo download

    Galaxy Horizon Demo download

    Here is the pre-alpha demo for the game Galaxy Horizon. Galaxy Horizon is a point and click adventure game. The player takes the role of Leon stranded on a spaceship with nobody around and with no memory of his past or how he got there in the first place. As...

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  2. Mariokart 7 Ad

    Mariokart 7 Ad

    This is a short Ad proposal to Mariokart 7 created in After Effects. Mario eats a mushroom and grows big, he eats a flower and fires fireballs and when he eats a caret he gets a kart! Lol not funny. Thank you for watching 😛

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  3. Good Food Mobile App for kids

    Good Food Mobile App for kids

    Target Audience:- My target audience are small kids below the age of 10 years. It is to educate small children what is healthy to eat and whats not, through this app. Since small children can’t read text it is very important to keep the text in the app to a...

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