Pg connects Bangalore


How do we pitch an idea to you?
We don’t make games for ourselves so we work with partners, and we always wanna be the best possible partner for our partners. Its very very important. A great example of that is we are about to launch Angry birds fight, it’s our first game made in Japan for Japan and the world and we’re working with a Japanese company on that one. Obviously I’m not Japanese or Indian so we need to work with local people to kind of understand the market. We are always happy to work with local developers on Angry birds or any totally different game.

When did you start looking at angry birds as a brand than a game?
Rovio got started in 2003 and we made games and we learned the hard way that it’s not so much fun making games for others, that almost killed the company but looking at angry birds of how it stated, nobody like the mechanics in the beginning but everyone fell in love with the character. So the game didn’t start with the mechanics it really started with the character and then we build the game around the character. There are lot of character driven brands like Mario, Micky mouse. So that was from the begging.


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