Making of Metal Gear Solid 5

I’m a Metal Gear Solid Fan and I’m very proud of that. I played my first Metal Gear game when I was a little kid on my TV console and as I love story driven games I became an instant fan of it then, it was fascinating for me. The first challenge in the game I could remember was to get past a couple of dogs in the woods, well I died there a couple of times so I could remember it very well.

Metal Gear (J)



Now I’m playing MGS 5 and in my opinion this is the best thing to happen to video games in a long long time. The gameplay of this game is well polished and very addictive. The people at Konami worked very hard to make people happy instead of planning to make a lot of money like all the other games do. So without wasting any more time lets analyze Making of Metal Gear Solid.




It’s 1984 and Snake is 49 years old



Kiefer Sutherland Motion tracking Dots.

Kiefer Sutherland played Snake



Most of the emotions in the game are expressed through facial animation rather than dialog.


The game is created using fox engine and it looks stunning.

The game is created using fox engine and it looks stunning.



Fox engine in action.





Look at the details. Captured real live characters into 3d Programs.



Facial capture set up. Surround by 37 cameras and a lot of lighting.




Stefanie Joosten as Quiet




All the captured images are imported into an automated software.


This is Quite’s face in 3D. The cameras behind are probably projecting the captured images.



Motion tracking



Quiet sniping.

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