Making of The Room Game is really worth taking a look at.

Making of The Room Game: The Room is a game by Fireproof Games which caught everyone’s eye with over 50 lakh (five million) downloads on Google Playstore,  And now they are on their way to releasing room 3.

They recently happened to upload a few pictures on their flicker account, unlike everyone else who make a video or a lengthy blog post to show how they did what they did, these guys want us to go through the pictures and figure out what’s going on by ourselves. Which by the way I appreciate a lot, because I have some knowledge of this field and could understand what I was looking at and it saves me a lot of time instead of reading a huge post. But that wont be the same for everyone.

Here are a few images from the gallery and visit the link at the bottom of the post to go to their album.


Oooh Looks like a house but it’s not. It’s a box in The Room.



Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles


The actual desk or table in The Room

The actual desk or table in The Room.


Concept art, One of my favorite parts of developing a game.

Concept art, One of my favorite parts of developing a game.



You can see how skillfully they arranged the scene. And they were using Unity to develop it.



So this was done in AE? I could have never guessed it.



Animation in Maya


Some more animation.

Some more animation.


And visit here for the whole gallery. Enjoy.


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